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Firstly, please take a few moments to fill in this access questionnaire


This year, the Saboteur Awards Festival is in a ramped building, with a designated quiet room, designated accessible toilets,* and a communication preference system. Stewards and volunteers will be on hand all day to assist with entry to heavy doors. A BSL interpreter will be used for the award announcement ceremony. There are seating areas between festival spaces, and although the event panels are not specifically targeted at children, children are welcome and  there will be craft areas for them to enjoy. People are welcome to enter and leave sessions as they wish. Content warnings will be used as appropriate. Carer/companion tickets are available for free if you need somebody to assist you with your access needs.


We are on a journey to improve the accessibility of our events as much as possible. We aim to make the Saboteurs a welcoming and inclusive space for as many people as possible.


However, we also recognise that access needs are diverse and varied, and we have a long way to go before we meet everyone’s needs. If you have a query, requirement, or feedback about your access experience, please get in touch at


We know that we won’t get it right every time, but we do aim to keep on improving our accessibility, year after year.


*For a more in-depth description of toilet accessibility, please see ‘Toilets’




  1. Location / Phone Numbers

  2. Access to Theatre Delicatessen

  3. Transport (including step-free tube stations)

  4. Parking

  5. Layout

  6. Lifts

  7. Toilets

  8. Doors

  9. Assistance & Carer Tickets

  10. Crowding

  11. Quiet Area

  12.  Priority seating

  13.  Visibility / Lighting

  14.  Sound / Hearing

  15.  Food and Drink

  16.  Children

  17.  Cash Machines

  18.  Fire Safety

  19. Access to Vout-O-Reenees at the launch party

  20. Maps of Ground Floor and 1st Floor of Theatre Delicatessen


1. Location


Theatre Delicatessen

2 Finsbury Ave,

London EC2M 2PA


2. Access to Theatre Delicatessen


There are two entrances to Theatre Delicatessen: Via Whitecross Place and Sun Street.


Signs will be placed outside to make it clear where the Saboteur Awards Festival is taking place.


Whitecross Place entrance: This entrance takes you straight in to the Theatre Delicatessen Cafe (main festival space). There are three wide flat steps and a portable ramp with a steep slope. The ramp will be left out for use all day, and cafe staff are trained to assist ramp users. For assistance, please telephone  02037353771


Sun Street Entrance: A less steep ramp is available via Sun Street. Due to the door’s intercom entry system and heavy doors, we will aim to have a  steward/volunteer nearby all day to assist you. Alternatively call reception at 02037353771


3. Transport


Nearest tube: Moorgate (5 Minute Walk)

Nearest Train Station: Liverpool Street


Closest Step-Free Tube Stations


Bank (12 Minute walk)

Tower Gateway (DLR): 24 Minute Walk

Note: Liverpool St is currently not fully step-free due to flooding. Please check for help planning your accessible journey.


If you require assistance in reaching the venue due to your access limitations, please let us know.


4. Parking


The most reliable Blue Badge Parking spaces are in The Barbican Centre car park (a 12 minute walk from Theatre Delicatessen). Paid parking spaces are also available at this location.


There are also several on-road Blue Badge spaces on Silk Street.


Car Park Address:

Barbican Centre

Silk St,



There are 7 accessible bays in Car Park 3 and 6 accessible bays in Car Park 5. These are the two most accessible car parks.


Reserving a parking space


Blue badge holders may reserve a wide parking bay in Car Park 3 or Car Park 5, subject to availability. Bookings can be made between 9am and 8pm Monday to Friday on 020 7638 8891. Your vehicle registration number and the date and time of your booking will appear on the display stand notice located at your reserved parking bay.


Please note: 24 hours’ notice must be given and bookings can be made up to 3 months in advance


The car parks are off Silk Street and off Beech Street (westbound access only). There is a headroom restriction of 1.85m. All car parks stay open until midnight.


5. Layout


The festival will take place over 2 floors: Ground Floor, and Floor 1. All downstairs events are free. Upstairs events require a ticket, available here.


There will be multiple events occurring at different times throughout the day: please see the events programme for more information. You are welcome to come and go between events as you please (latecomers welcome). Maps will be made available throughout the festival. Nearest seating points and fire exits will be marked.


6. Lifts


The event will take place over 2 floors, with 4 large lifts available to access each floor. The largest, most accessible lifts are positioned between the Sun St entrance and the cafe. There are heavy doors between lifts and main spaces, but there will be stewards/volunteers on hand to assist you.


7. Toilets


The toilets are currently marked by gendered symbols. This is something we hope to change at future events.


There are toilets on the Ground and First Floor.


Ground Floor toilets are in the foyer, between Sun St entrance and the Theatre Cafe (near the lifts).

There are 2 heavy doors to the toilets. There are four toilet cubicles. The farthest cubicle from the door is widened for manual wheelchair access, and has hand rails.


First floor toilets are in the corridor, on either side of Studio 6. There are 2 heavy doors to enter the toilet. Inside the toilets, there are 4 separate cubicles. The cubicle closest to the door has handrails.


Stewards and volunteers will be available on request to open heavy doors.


There are no hoists or adult changing mats available. The nearest Changing Places (very spacious, hoisted and with an adult changing mat)) toilet is 8 minutes away, at the Barbican Camera Cafe located in the Barbican Cinema Complex:


Barbican Camera Cafe
Beech Street


For more information on the Changing Places toilet scheme (and accompanying maps, please visit:


8. Doors

For fire safety, there are heavy doors between most rooms and spaces. However, there will be stewards and volunteers available all day to help assist with heavy doors. If you do require assistance with doors, please contact, so that we can make sure appropriate support is in place.


9. Assistance / Carer Tickets


Carer/companion tickets are available for free if you would prefer to bring somebody to assist you.


10. Crowding

Event times will be staggered to limit crowding as much as possible. You are welcome to enter/leave an event early to avoid crowds. A quiet and rest area will be provided in Room 2


11. Quiet Area


A designated low-crowd quiet area is on Floor 1, Room 2, and will be available between 10am-5pm. All attendees of the festival are welcome to use this room, regardless of ticket purchase options.


There is also a public outdoor seating area in Finsbury Square, with a variety of benches.


The room is carpeted, and will contain varied, comfortable seating, as well as mats and cushions to lie down on.


Headphones and ear plugs will be available if you want to engage in different noise conditions Fiddle props and craft activities will be provided.


Communication preference stickers will be made available at multiple points: you are welcome to engage quietly with other people in the room if they are wearing an appropriate sticker. In case of doubt, please respect their privacy.


We will be basing the design of our Quiet Area on the principles of Harry Giles’ Chill Out Corner (with thanks to Harry)/ For more information, please visit:


12. Priority seating


Seats will be available in all panels, the main cafe space, and between all talks. If you require priority seating, please make this clear in the accessibility form at --. We are able to reserve you a seat for specific talks in advance, and provide you with a ‘please offer me a seat’ badge’.


13. Visibility/Lighting


The event will mainly take place during daylight hours, with ‘daylight-style’ lighting. The first floor uses fluorescent lights.


Towards the evening, the lights will be dimmed. If you have a lighting requirement, please let us know.


This year, we are unable to provide audio description at all panels and the award ceremony. However, if this is something you would find helpful in future, please let us know!


14. Sound/Hearing


The award ceremony itself will have a BSL interpreter. Due to space and budget restrictions, we cannot provide BSL interpreters for every panel event at this stage, but we are working towards this for future events. We are unable to provide hearing loop access at this event.


If you would like to bring a BSL interpreter or lipreader, free Carer/Companion tickets are available.


If lack of BSL or hearing loop access prevents you from attending this event, we’d like to hear about it. Please fill in the accessibility form, or contact


15. Food and Drink


Food can be purchased in the Theatre Deli cafe (ground floor). A small range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options are available.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.


Straws will be available at the venue on request.


16. Children


Whilst the Saboteur Awards Festival is not directly targeted at children, they are welcome to attend. Breastfeeding is welcome in all areas. Children aged 12-18 are welcome to attend panels, if accompanied by a parent/guardian. It is the responsibility of the guardian to determine whether the event is suitable for minors: please ask in advance if you are unsure.


Craft activities will be available in the Cafe area, although children must be supervised at all times.


17. Cash Machines


There are multiple easy-to-locate cashpoints a 3-minute walk away from the  venue, on Finsbury Pavement.


From the venue, head towards Moorgate station on Finsbury Pavement. There are 3 different banks (Lloyds, HSBC and Barclays) by the corner where Finsbury Pavement intersects with Ropemaker Street.

18. Fire Safety


The venue is equipped with fire hydrants, clear exit signs and maps.


Fire refuge points for disabled attendees will be marked clearly on maps throughout the venue.

19. Access to Vout-O-Reenees

The launch venue on 18th May is at Vout-O-Reenees.



The Crypt,

30 Prescot St,

London E1 8BB

Vout-O-Reenees is not step free and the venue has limited access options. There are 8 steep steps down to enter the space, which is in a crypt.


It is also not possible to bring children to this launch due to the venue’s licensing. There are no BSL or hearing loop options available.


We will be using the associated Stash Gallery as a designated quiet space during the launch.


If you need to reserve a chair at this event, please fill in the access questionnaire above.


If you have any concerns or questions about the venue, or this venue prevents your from attending the event, please contact

20. Maps of Ground Floor and First Floor at Theatre Delicatessen
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