Frequently Asked Questions

Does work need to have been reviewed in Sabotage Reviews to be eligible?

Nope! All work, whether reviewed or not is eligible. We try, as much as possible, to review all the works that do become shortlisted (or come to our attention through nominations).

How do I submit my book/author?

Nominate them! Encourage your friends to nominate them too! Nominations will open 9-31st March.

Why do I have to nominate in three categories for my vote to count?

This is to discourage people from just voting for their friend. If you are at all into literature, it shouldn’t be too hard to think of other things you like too… i.e if you like spoken word, then you can nominate in the Best Regular Spoken Word Night, Best Spoken Word Show, and Best Spoken Word Performer quite easily.

Do we all get free gin?

Just the winners, sorry. Ask them nicely though, they might share!

Can I help out?

Yes please! Drop Claire a line at or check out.

Is the Best Magazine category open to online magazines?

Yes! It welcomes magazines in any format. And rolling publication for several months is an equivalent to our three issues rule.

Is international work eligible?

Yes, it can be from anywhere. However, we require that 1) you can attend the awards or have a representative attend for you, should you be shortlisted and 2) that the work is either in English or is translated in English (the whole text/work does not need to be fully in English).