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"CB editions’ short story collection by May-Lan Tan, Things to Make and Break, would not have reached the Guardian First Book Award shortlist without Sabotage and the Saboteur Awards."

Charles Boyle, CB Editions

“I was honoured and excited to be short listed in the 2017 Sabotage awards. The Sabotage reviews and support of my work has been invaluable. They once called me ‘powerhouse' which is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about my work. Sabotage amplify women writers, minority writers, they shine a light to illuminate diverse writing and artists and I enjoy and follow them most loyally.” 

Salena Godden, shortlisted for Best Spoken Word Performer '17

“Not only has the Sabotage Reviews rewarded the work of so many under recognised writers and poets, introducing us readers to work we might not have found; but winning a Saboteur award myself was a career high and made a huge difference”.

Heidi James, author of So the Doves (Sunday Times Crime Book of the  Month) and The Mesmerist’s Daughter (winner of Best Novella '15)

"I’ve been a literary reviewer for more than ten years, but winning a Saboteur Award cast a spotlight on my reviewing like nothing else has done.  It sparked a discussion about the value of quality, informed reviewing, which I believe is hugely important in these days of financial cuts in the arts sector and the increasingly hard-pressed newspaper industry.  Speaking personally, it was also wonderful – and hugely gratifying – to realise that lots of people not only read my reviews, but felt that I was making an important contribution to that debate.  Thank you Saboteur, and thank you everyone who voted for me!”

Freya McClements, winner Best Reviewer '17

"Winning our Sabotage Award last year for Most Innovative Publisher was a real highlight for me - it meant an enormous amount to know this award had been voted for by actual readers and book-lovers, mostly people who I've not met but who loved our books enough to give us a that little vote of confidence. It makes what you do as a small independent publisher very much worthwhile! And it also felt that we were in excellent company with our fellow prize winners. Sabotage specialises in intelligent, thoughtful and focused reviews, and their appreciation of and support for the independent writer, thinker and publisher shines through. Both the reviews and these excellent awards provide a vital platform and turn up the volume for important, unique new work and new voices that may otherwise be lost in the noise."

Jane Commane, editor of Nine Arches Press, winner of the Most Innovative Publisher Award '14.

Saboteur Awards 2017 Winners

(In no particular order)

Best Wildcard  - this category was supported by Literature Wales, as part of International Dylan Thomas Day Women Aloud NI

Best Anthology Remembering Oluwale (Valley Press)

Best Spoken Word Performer​ Dominic Berry

Best Reviewer​ Freya McClements

Best Poetry Pamphlet Glass by Elisabeth Sennitt Clough (Paper Swans Press)

Best Spoken Word Show Fat Girls Don't Dance by Maria Ferguson

Best Novella The Night Visitors by Jenn Ashworth & Richard Hirst (Dead Ink)

Best Magazine Into the Void

Best Regular Spoken Word Night ​Interrobang?! (Edinburgh)

Best Short Story Collection Wild Gestures by Lucy Durneen (MidnightSun Publishing)

Best Collaborative Work WomenXBorders - Women Aloud 2017 & Irish Writers Centre

Most Innovative Publisher Indigo Dreams Publishing

The full shortlist and longlist can be viewed here

Saboteur Awards 2016 Winners

The winners in no particular order, were:


Most Innovative Publisher: Burning Eye Books

Best Spoken Word Performer: Emily Harrison

Best Poetry Pamphlet: Border Lines by Stuart A. Paterson (Indigo Dreams Publishing)

Best Reviewer: Bethany W Pope

Best Short Story Collection: Dinosaurs on other planets by Danielle Mclaughlin (Stinging Fly)

Best Wildcard: Alchemy by Abi Palmer

Best Novella : The Lost Art of Sinking by Naomi Booth (Penned in the Margins)

Best Spoken Word Show : What I learned from Johnny Bevan by Luke Wright

Best Magazine: Prole

Best Collaborative Work : Fool's World - A Tarot by Tom de Freston and Helen Ivory

Best regular spoken word night: Bad Language (Manchester)

Best Anthology: Being Dad: Short Stories about Fatherhood (Tangent Books)



Full shortlist and longlist here .

Saboteur Awards 2015 Winners

The winners, in no particular order, were:


Most Innovative Publisher: Penned in the Margins

Best Spoken Word Performer: Hollie McNish

Best Reviewer: Dave Coates

Best Magazine: Lighthouse Literary Journal

Best Pamphlet: White Whale, by Victoria Kennefick (Southword Editions)

Best Anthology: The Charnel House, ed. Tom de Freston (Bridgedoor Press)

Best Spoken Word Show: Some People Have Too Many Legs by Jackie Hagan

Best Regular Spoken Word Night: Bad Language

Best Short Story Collection: Angela Readman, Don't Try This At Home (And Other Stories)

Best One-Off Event: 52 Project

Best Novella: Heidi James, The Mesmerist’s Daughter (Neon Magazine) 

Best Collaborative Work: Jacqueline Saphra, Benjamin Tassie & Mark Andrew Webber, If I Lay on my Back I Saw Nothing but Naked Women (Emma Press)


Saboteur Awards 2014 Winners

Most Innovative Publisher: Nine Arches Press

Best Spoken Word Performer: Steve Nash

Best Reviewer: Fiona Moore

Best Magazine: Poems in Which

Best Pamphlet: W.N. Herbert's Murder Bear (Donut Press)

Best Anthology: Weird Lies, ed. Cherry Potts and Katy Darby (Arachne Press)

Best Spoken Word Show: Sophia Walker's Around the World in 8 Mistakes

Best Regular Spoken Word Night: Liars’ League

Best Short Story Collection: Kirsty Logan's The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales (Salt)

Best One-Off Event: Against Rape, 4-10 November 2013

Best Novella: Nikesh Shukla's Time Machine (Galley Beggar), 

Best Collaborative Work: Kirsten Irving and Jon Stone, Riotous (Sidekick Books).


To see a list of all our previous winners and runner ups, click here.

“For those of us emerging out of spoken word, Sabotage Reviews is the sole source of our literary legitimacy: there is no other respected publication reviewing us. There are no other awards for us to win, allowing us to get our shows programmed into theatres. One of the major sources of my career progression over the last few years has been Sabotage, and without this phenomenal organisation I would never have been able to gain the legitimacy that allowed me to progress from spoken word bar basements into the literary world proper. Even at the Dhaka Literary Festival last month, on stage the chair asked me about my various Saboteur Awards. I owe that organisation more than I can ever repay. They helped give me my career.”

Sophia Walker, poet and co-founder of the Spoken Word Theatre Foundation, and previous winner of Best Spoken Word Show at the Saboteur Awards

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